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Calpella Nehalem notebooks are late 09

by on13 April 2009


Dual-core Nehalem in 2010

Last week in Beijing Intel voiced out that it plans a new Nehalem based notebook platform and that it is scheduled to come in late 2009. It calls it Calpella, and this is Intel's two chip notebook platform that comes with memory controller on CPU.

The platform probably comes in Q4, a bit later than the traditional time when Intel launches its new notebook platforms, and it will be introduced with Clarksfield quad-core Nehalem. The CPU features eight threads support and comes in mPGA 989 socket with TDP of quite high 55/45W.

At later date in early 2010 it will also get support for mobile Arrandale dual-core with four thread CPU. This chip has IGP in Multi Chip Package MCP socket and it is likely that it might need a new chipset. Arrandale comes with 4MB cache, while Clarksfield has 8MB. Clarksfield also brings support for 1X PCIe 16X,, or two times 8X in PCIe 2.0, and DDR3 1066 and 1333 support.

Calpella is a two chip solution and Arrandale, when introduced, should get the TDP to 35W, 25W and in slowest clocked parts to 18W, but limited to PCIe 1.0 and DDR 3 800 and 1066 memory.

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