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Kensington wants slice of netbook revenues

by on09 April 2009


Launches accesory range

With the netbook craze showing no signs on a slowdown, the accessory makers want to try to cash in and Kensington, made famous by the little lock hole that can be found on most notebooks and netbooks, have launched a few netbook accessories, although most are quite generic.

Kensington has launched two new mice, one wired, one wireless, although we can't really see what makes them especially netbook worthy, but at $14.99 and $24.99 they're both quite cheap and the wireless model has a tiny USB dongle.

Then there's a new Kensington security lock for netbooks, again, we're not quite sure what makes this really different from other lock products from Kensington, but at least it's a combination lock, so you don't have to carry a key with you and it should be fairly secure with a four digit combination. It might be a tad on the expensive side at $24.99, but it's better than having someone nick your netbook.

The new power adapter for netbooks on the other hand is a rather nifty product, as not only does it work with just about every netbook on the market, but it also has a built in USB port that will charge your MP3 player, phone and what not. This is a feature we'd like to see as standard on all notebook chargers, but we're sure someone has a patent on this, so we doubt this'll happen. At $49.99 it's not terribly expensive either.

Finally Kensington also launched a netbook sleeve, but we have a feeling that this product is about to get outdated really quickly, as it fits 7 to 9-inch netbooks and with a shift towards 10 plus inch models, we can't really see a huge demand for this product, despite the $14.99 price point.

You can find all the new products here

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