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Intel now FUDs about Ion (MCP79) battery life

by on12 March 2009


MCP79 with Core 2 Duo

Intel sent out a presentation that was leaked to a few forums, but Intel's legal department was fast to take actions that led to the swift removal of these documents.

Anyway, Intel talks about MCP79 and how despite the fact that it's better for 3D games, it is still not fast enough for most games. Oddly enough Intel admits that Nvidia is better for 3D gaming, but still Intel claims better overall performance and better battery life.

Intel claims that it leads in “SD video quality and offer a great HD and BluRay playback experience across all common formats”.

Intel’s key message is claim that Intel platforms offer the best overall performance for mainstream users with the longest battery life. Intel definitely sounds intimidated by Nvidia, as they were never this aggressive before. Nvidia has a decent chipset and it can do something that Intel can only dream of, play 3D games.

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