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Geforce GTX 280M up to 50 percent faster than 9800M

by on26 February 2009


128 Cuda processor cores

soon to launch flagship notebook GPU is, as we said, based on G92b 55nm architecture. The high-end version new notebook chip branded as Geforce GTX 280M will come with 128 Cuda processor cores, or something that we used to call shader cores, or simply shaders.


The chip works at 585MHz, while the shaders work at 1463MHz. It uses a 256-bit memory interface and has 1GB of GDDR3 memory working on 950MHz. the card is capable of 562 Gigaflops calculations and it supports PhysX, SLI and Hybrid SLI. GTX 280M should be at least 20 percent faster than Nvidia's current mobile flagship Geforce 9800M GTX, and in some games it will be even 50 percent faster.

In Crysis the new GTX 280M should be more than 50 percent faster, and you should see similar performance data from Call of Duty: World at War and just slightly over 50 percent in Crysis Warhead, World in Conflict and Mirror's Edge.
Of course Nvidia again voices its support for Cuda and Graphics plus.

This GPU should be launched on Tuesday, March 3rd, along with with GTX 260M and GTS 160M GPUs.   
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