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Creative's Zen X-Fi launches

by on10 July 2008


Only in APAC so far

Although we've already covered a lot of details about the new Zen X-Fi PMP from Creative, it's now official, although it doesn't seem to be available outside of the APAC region as of press time. The Zen X-Fi will come in a WiFi and a non WiFi version, with the WiFi version being available in 16 and 32GB while the non WiFi version will only be 8GB.

The screen size is somewhat disappointing at 2.5in, but considering that Creative are expecting potential buyers of the WiFi models to access MSN or Yahoo! Messenger with the help of the mobile phone-esque keypad on the side of the display, some trade-offs in screens size had to be made. We'd rather have seen a larger screen as we doubt that the instant messaging feature will be frequently used by most potential customers of the Zen X-Fi.

The screen resolution is 320x240 pixels and it can display 16.7 million colours. We're still waiting for a high-quality PMP with a widescreen display, but it looks like we'll have to keep waiting. The Zen X-Fi does of course as the name suggests include Creative's X-Fi Crystalizer technology which enhances the quality of compress audio files, although it doesn't seem to support any of the other X-Fi features such as EAX or CMSS-3D.

Other features include a built in speaker, an SD memory card slot, although we'll have to wait and see if the SD card implementation is any better than on the original Zen or not, a built in FM radio with 32 presets, a built in equalizer, alarm functions, USB 2.0 interface and the new Centrale audio ripping and syncing application.

Regardless of model, you'll get a pair of noise-insulating EP-830 premium in-ear headphones bundled with the player. The Zen X-Fi measures 83x55x12.8mm (DxWxH) and weighs in at a very reasonable 69g. Battery life is meant to be good for 36h of continuous music playback or 5h of movie watching.

Creative has also launched an extensive range of accessories including a speaker dock and various protective cases. The only price we managed to dig up was of the 32GB version with X-Fi which would set you back €186.50 in Singapore. Availability of the 32GB model is now, with the other two following later this month.

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