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Apple sells millionth iPhone in 74 days

by on11 September 2007


The price cut pays off, forget the $100 rebate


Apple announced on Monday that it has sold the millionth iPhone a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Considering they have to pay $100 back to every early iPhone adopter, this is not exactly great news for Apple. On the other hand, they're just giving back store credit, so those $100 million aren't really going anywhere once you think about it. It's just a public relations gimmick.

"One a million iPhones in 74 days, it took almost two years to achieve this milestone with iPod," Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said in a statement.

A million sold iPhones and a million of its most faithful customers used to get a $100 million loan with no collateral. Once you're done making the new iPods, just give the money back, or don't, who cares. It's not even a loan, since they still have to spend the money they got back in Apple.

Apple was always an innovative company, and their latest innovation seems to be the fanboy powered iBank.

Last modified on 11 September 2007
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