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iPod Touch announced

by on05 September 2007


iPod Classic revamped


The iPhone-esque iPod Touch has a 3.5 inch widescreen, Wi-Fi for internet connectivity and synching.

A mere 8mm thin, the stylish iPod Touch strongly resembles the iPhone. Like its big brother it uses the multi-touch UI and can surf the net and play YouTube videon using the Safari browser.


It will ship in 8 or 16 GB capacity, and will be available worldwide in a few weeks. The 8GB model costs $299 and the 16GB will set you back $399.

The iPod classic is more a case of evolution than a revolotion.

The big guy's all metal body is thinner than its predecessor's. An impoved UI with Cover Flow has been implemented, the design a bit more down to earth.


It comes in two flavors, a thinner 80GB model for $249, and a slightly thicker 160GB behemoth for $349.

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