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HP pretties up computer range

by on19 April 2007


Death to the black box

Computer maker HP has released a range of computers which it has designed to look nice in a living room.

Designers say the move is to get rid of the idea of the grey or black box which sits in a cluttered office and replace it with something which "complements any room of a home".

This means a piano-black finish with refined silver trim and subtle, blue LED light accents.

Other design features of the new HP computers include moving the power button to the top of the chassis for easier reaching and a built-in bay for removable digital storage, and a more easily accessible media card reader.

The features are appearing on the new Pavilion s3000 Series Slimline PC, which is less than a third the size of a regular PC. They are also part of the Pavilion a6000 Series Desktop range and the Pavilion Media Center TV m8000 Series Desktop.

HP has also announced new 19, 20 and 22 inch flat screen monitors.
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