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Far Cry DirectX 10.1 is not to ATI?s benefit

by on23 October 2008


Gitex 2008: Nvidia believes

will try to educate the world that the way DirectX 10.1 is implemented in FarCry 2 won’t work to ATI’s benefit. It is after all a "the way its meant to be p(l)ayed" title and Nvidia has some power over this matter and they have decided to intervene.

Nvidia is telling the word that FarCry has a feature to read from a multisampled z-buffer, resulting in better anti-aliasing performance, and both ATI and NVIDIA support this feature. ATI supports it in DX10.1, and NVIDIA via a DX10 extension and the performance should be the same.

We will keep our eyes opened if this is the case, and this might be one of the hottest titles in pre-Xmas sales season.

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