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CD Projekt's The Witcher gets enhanced

by on24 August 2008


Games Convention 08: The Witcher Enhanced Edition

We had
a chance to see the new enhanced version of what has been known as the best PC RPG game in the 2007, The Witcher. CDProjekt decided that it is time to fix those problems that the community has been complaining about and make this game even better.

Besides the whole lot of changes that CDProjekt made in this Enhanced version, the guys at CD Projekt decided to talk about the biggest, or should we say the most important changes. The first thing that they decided to mention are the 80% faster load times, which is a great result if you consider that you don't need to wait up to five minutes until a level is loaded.


The next one is an aesthetic feature that most of the community complained about. In the first version of the Witcher, characters were rather static in the conversation cut scenes. CD Projekt designed over 200 gesture animations to make the characters more natural and real.


The new Enhanced Edition will also feature every language voiceover and subtitle that was released so far, so those that decided to get the Enhanced Edition will be able to choose between 10 different subtitles including Chinese and nine different voice over languages, this time excluding Chinese. The next one also has to do with an aesthetic side of the game and makes NPC looks and monster skin colors more different.


Other noted improvements that they did mention are auto looting while holding CTRL, changes to inventory system which add an auto sort function, faster loading inventory and much more. The Enhanced Edition isn't only about fixing as the guys from CD Projekt decided to do a great collector edition bundle, so that the new Enhanced Edition will include the game, D'Jinni editor that comes with two new adventures created by the CD Projekt team, two official soundtrack CDs, a making of DVD, a game guide and a short story form Andrzej Sapkowski which is the guy that has created the world of the Witcher in his fantasy books.

The new Enhanced Edition will have the same or if not a lower price than the original when it hits the retail shelves next month. It got even better when CD Projekt told us that the early adopters which have registered their game at CD Projekt's official site will be able to download all the extra stuff for free. We hope that the rest of the developers will look up to CD Projekt and their way of saying that the best RPG game of 2007 can be even better, and that you don't have to pay twice for the same thing. 

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