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Philips AmBX in XXL version

by on06 March 2008


Cebit 08: AmBX demo


We've already written about Philips' AmBX (Ambient experiences) multimedia system, that besides the sound of course, brings air-flow and vibrations to the game.


We stumbled upon an XXL version of this Philips' product (well, it was kind of impossible to miss) that really looked impressive and is supposed to further advertise this product.


Their booth features numerous computers with AmBX equipment for "mere mortals" and we had to play a couple of rounds of COD to try it out. We were pleased with the vibration effects during shooting and explosions that really add to the realism of the game. However, we found the air blowing from the fans to be quite unnecessary and didn’t find it to be that effective.

Lighting effects from the speakers were hard to evaluate due to the really bright environment (read CeBIT show floor).


Geizhals.at offers the Premium Set for €210, whereas the cheaper versions don’t feature the best thing – the vibration pad.

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