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Replica foam grenades cause journalists havoc

by on03 September 2007


“Battlefield: Bad Company” promo items are confiscated


EA & DICE were handing out foam stress ball “replica” grenades to promote the upcoming “Battlefield: Bad Company” during the recent gaming show in Leipzig, and these became a very popular item to collect during the show.

It seems that these replica foam grenades raised more than a few eyebrows for journalists flying home after the show ended. Airport security personnel placed these journalists under increased security (in this post 9/11 world), and they were forced to discard their beloved replica foam grenades before they were allowed to pass through airport security to board their flights home.

This even happened to the DICE development team at the airport. So, if you happened to make it home with your “Battlefield: Bad Company” replica foam grenade(s), you likely have a collectors’ item; and we would not be surprised to see these unique items fetching high bids on eBay.

In other news about “Battlefield: Bad Company,” EA/DICE announced that you can expect to see “Battlefield: Bad Company” on the PlayStation 3, the PC and the Xbox 360, according to various reports. The new demo footage for the Xbox 360 was quite impressive and is starting to show off the power of the new Frostbite engine that DICE has been developing. No release dates have been given, but our best guess is that you can expect to see it at some point next year.

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