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Larrabee, Intel's discrete graphic is challenging

by on25 August 2007


Games Convention 07:
The source close to company believes

We had a chance to hear that Larrabee Intel discrete graphic might end up with some driver issues. This is something that we already heard and wrote before about, but this time from someone close to Intel. The source confirmed that Intel expects some driver issues and that entering the descrete graphic market will be a challenging move.

Intel is working hard to launch Larrabee in 2008 and we hope to see at least a glimpse or a presentation of what Intel can do in this market. 

A source describes driver as the most challenging thing about this project and Intel hopes to get this thing done.

After the demo that we’ve seen at the Games Convention in Leipzig we would not be surprised if the Larrabee ends up capable doing even some ray tracing. Only the time and leaks will tell.




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