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Intel shows Quad core 45nm at 3+ GHz

by on24 August 2007


Games Convention 07: Real time Raytracing

We had a chance to see the Yorkfield 45 nanometre quad core in action rendering Quake 3 raytracing on all quad cores. We were not allowed to see many things including the real voltage and frequency but we know that Intel pre silicon CPU runs really well.

Quad core Yorkfield runs at over 3 GHz and Intel still doesn’t want to reveal how fast it can go, but the purpose was to show the AMD that they have something that can match and surpass the 3GHz Phenom FX.

Quake 3 raytraced demo runs between 90 FPS in worst case scenario and 160 FPS in best case scenario but Raytracing actually shows the lights and shadows rendered in real time in the way they would be seen in the real world.

This is the most demanding lightning method and it is really hard as it approximates the light really well.

At IDF 2004 it took Intel 50 Xeon processors to render 4 Frames per second on 640x480 while today we had a chance to see Yorkfield 45 nanometre quad core powered with X38 chipset rendering approximately 90 FPS at 768x768 resolution.



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