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8GB Eee PC available from mid December

by on03 December 2007

For a whopping US$499

A U.S. online retailer by the name of Dynamism is listing the 8GB version of Asus' Eee PC as available from mid-to-late December and they will have both the black and white versions in stock.

The only other upgrade is that the RAM will be boosted from 512MB to 1GB. We're not sure if this kind of upgrade justifies US$100 extra over the 4GB/512MB version of the Eee PC, or US$150 over the 4G Surf (the one lacking the Webcam and having a smaller battery), espcially since the RAM is a trivial upgrade and a 1GB SO-DIMM is quite affordable these days.

A quick look online and US$26 later and you have a 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM, and you can pick up an SD card for storage expansion, although this might not be as good as having an extra 4GB; but, it's the cheaper route.

Nonetheless, we're sure that the 8G version will sell just as well, if not even better than the 4G version, although we're saving our money for a model with a bigger screen.

You can place your pre-order here

Last modified on 04 December 2007
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