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Extended life coming to the PSP

by on30 November 2007


New 2200mAh battery to extend battery life

The biggest reported downside of the PlayStation Portable has to be the battery life. Most PSP users complain that the included lithium ion battery just does not cut the muster over the long haul, with the battery giving up the ghost far too soon in marathon gaming or film-watching sessions.

Sony intends to address this with the release of a new 2200mAh battery pack for the PSP that is said to double battery life. Well, it will at least come close to doubling the battery life in the PSP-2000 model, which features lower power consumption than the original PSP-1000 model. While the battery life will improve in the first generation PSP-1000 model, it will not be as good as the newer PSP-2000 model.

The new battery will, however, produce what is being described as a “bulge” to handle the size of the larger battery. Sony will be including a new battery cover in black and silver to handle the increased size of the new battery. Sony is slated to start shipping the new Extended Life Battery for PSP in mid-December and priced at US$44.99 it will make an excellent and welcomed stocking stuffer for the PSP owner on your holiday shopping list.

Last modified on 30 November 2007
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