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Komplett has stock of 8800 GT's

by on30 November 2007

A total of 20 cards

Komplett has some stock of Point of View 8800 GT cards, although it seems like they only have 20 total in stock. However, we're not sure if this is per country, or for all of Europe. The company is listing 10 standard cards and 10 Extreme Edition cards as being in stock on its Websites in the U.K., Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Ireland, while Sweden, Norway and Denmark have none.

The Extreme Edition comes clocked at 650MHz for the core and 2000MHz for the memory, but we don't have the Shader clocks, as Point of View doesn't list this card on its Website and Komplett doesn't seem to have this information.

The stock clocked cards are available for €249 in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, while priced at €255 in France and Belgium, €267 in Ireland and finally £182, or €255 in the U.K. The Extreme Editon card comes in at €262 in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, it's €5 more in France and Belgium at €267, €279 in Ireland and £190 or €266 in the U.K.

It seems like the same company offering the same card can even have quite varying prices across Europe, although we are sure some of this comes down to sales tax, VAT or whatever it might be called in your local country. We suggest you head over to and find your local country site as soon as possible if you want to snag one of these cards before they sell out.

Last modified on 01 December 2007
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