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Ageia didn't say AMD wants to buy it

by on27 November 2007


Had nothing to do with it

Recent rumors and speculations caused by the CustomPC interview with AMD's Richard Huddy and its stand on Intel's $100 million acquisition of Havok, and possible Ageia acquisition, has put a lot of attention on Ageia.

Our colleagues from the INQ managed to get yet another statement from that same man and it turns out that his words were taken out of context, and that he actually ruled out that AMD is buying Ageia. You can check out Richard's statement for the INQ here.

Ageia had a similar story to tell. According to the statement that we have received, Ageia had nothing to do with the rumors and that those rumors refer to the potential value of Ageia to AMD. "These types of stories and rumors are common among businesses like ours, but AGEIA had nothing to do with it or the rumors it created. It appears be speculation based simply on casual remarks by one AMD / ATI individual in the U.K. about the potential value of AGEIA to AMD. Nothing more and nothing less."

Intel bought Havok, Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX Mod-Kit and those two Mod levels came out, NetDevil's Warmonger got an release date, new APEX dev tools has been launched, PhysX cards price went down to $99 - all these events have surely raised the value of Ageia. However this ends it will definitely be positive for Ageia.

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