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Apple's iPhone gets poor reception in U.K.

by on26 November 2007


Users can't connect

who bought Apple's iPhone in the U.K. are being rewarded with second rate reception.

According to Apple bulletin boards, users have not been able to get good reception from the Jesus phone's sole supplier O2. More than 105 people have complained to the boards, indicating that it was not a "one off" glitch.

Other problems being reported by owners are problems calling from overseas. The thread also contains some complaints bout troublesome synching of the calendar with the iPhone and also the fact that the anti-reflective coating on iPhone camera lens wears off easily.

One would think that reception problems would be caused by the phone company, but others who have taken their phones back to the retail store for replacement have found that the problem is fixed by doing so. Most users seem to think that Apple, not O2, is the culprit.

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Last modified on 26 November 2007
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