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Nintendo to launch new Wii Sports in June

by on09 April 2009


Wants to boost flagging sales

Nintendo said
that it will release a new version of its "Wii Sports" software in Japan in June to shore up flagging Wii console sales.

The "Wii Sports" game helped drive the outfit's console sales because it allowed users to play baseball, tennis and other sports using a motion-sensing controller. Wii Sports Resort, which will hit overseas markets in July, lets users throw a frisbee to a virtual dog or duel one another with swords with the controller, which looks like a TV remote and enables gamers to direct on-screen play by swinging it like a racket or baseball bat.

Nintendo needs to do something to counter the surge in sales for the PS3 which outstripped the Wii for the first time in 16 months thanks to new PS3 titles from Sega Sammy and Capcom. Apparently demand for the Wii has dried up and the outfit does not want to lower its prices.
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