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Development continues on Stargate MMO

by on08 April 2009


Lack of updates does not mean lack of progress

While sources continue to cast doubt that the Stargate Worlds MMO will ever see the light of day, word has reached us that Kevin Balentine, who is the Senior Marketing Manager for FireSky, has responded by saying that “The lights are still on and Stargate Worlds development continues.” This statement flies in stark contrast to what others have been saying.

Beyond our sources, Brad Wright, who is a producer of the Stargate television series, also recently expressed doubts that the Stargate Worlds MMO would actually happen. Balentine claims that Wright had served as a consultant for the development team, but had not been briefed on the current development status.

In a statement released by Balentine he acknowledged that like many developers, the company has had a difficult time in the current economic climate, but he insists that the company has been able to raise enough money from what he calls “angle investors” that has allowed the development team to continue. In addition, he also comments that several deals are in the works to cover the financial responsibilities and fund the remainder of the development.

In the meantime, we have been able to confirm with our sources that development continues, but beyond that little else is known. No additional timelines or specific dates have been announced beyond the company suggesting that when they have something to say that we will hear it.
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