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Microsoft's security improvements killed Vista

by on26 November 2007


Security expert claims

A security
expert claims that Microsoft's obsession with improvements to security features in Vista may have undermined business adoption of the OS.

Robert Hansen, CEO of IT Security Consultancy SecTheory LLC, in Austin, Texas said Microsoft is aware that its laser focus on Vista security may have been a misstep, and that it is trying to fix this. He said that those close to the company and even Microsoft have acknowledged recently that security has not proved to be important enough to encourage businesses to upgrade to Vista.

Microsoft staffers were pleased in general with Vista's security improvements, but consumers were not, he said. Hansen said that Microsoft traded general OS usability to add some of Vista's security features, such as User Account Control (UAC). UAC annoys users because it interrupts a PC user's work with a pop-up window whenever they're about to do something the feature considers an administrative function.

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