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360 gets new upgraded dev kit

by on26 March 2009


More RAM for easier debugging

A new Xbox 360 development kit was announced by Microsoft to address the shortcomings of the original development kit. Microsoft claims that the new development kit is designed for triple-A game development.

The original Xbox 360 development kit did not offer enough RAM to allow developers the ability to run game assets at the same time as debugging and optimization tools. Microsoft has addressed this shortcoming by adding additional RAM to the new development kit.

According to Microsoft, the additional RAM will open up the use of a wide range of additional tools that can help developers debug as well as optimize their titles prior to release. It is thought that this could give developers the ability to develop a wide array of new tools to enhance future titles prior to release.

Microsoft has said that the new development kit will be available as well as the older kit. The new kit is targeted toward developers who want to develop the triple-A titles and push the envelope of what the Xbox 360 is capable of doing.
Last modified on 26 March 2009
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