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PS3 devs to get PhysX for free

by on18 March 2009


Thanks to Sony for making it happen

Thanks to an agreement that Sony has been able to get done with Nvidia, all registered PlayStation 3 developers will get the chance to use the Nvidia PhysX middleware at no charge. Some companies are already using the PhysX middleware for products that have been recently released.

According to what we hear, Nvidia will provide a binary version of the PhysX middleware to registered PlayStation 3 developers which will allow them to use the PhysX API for real time in game PhysX. Use of the PhysX middleware will accompany new tools and a middleware license agreement from Sony.

The PhysX middleware can also be used on the PC, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, as well as the PlayStation 3. Nvidia offers a Software Developers Kit to help developers build applications using the PhysX middleware which Nvidia purchased and brought into their portfolio of offerings some time ago.

While hardware-accelerated physics got off to a rocky start in the PC platform waiting for the software development to catch up with the hardware, in the console space and by leveraging the processing power of the current families of GPUs rather than a dedicated processor, it would appear that hardware physics seems to finally be taking off.
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