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Wii Fit slammed with class-action suit

by on10 February 2009


Contributes to obesity epidemic?


We must admit that such a move was just a matter of time, as some people just can’t stand someone’s success without wanting to grab a piece for themselves. This time, it’s a fitness guru named Michael Torchia who claims that Wii Fit is doing nothing but “contributing to the epidemic of obesity”.

He goes on saying how people throw away their gym clothes and shy away from outdoors since this device gives hope that it’ll make them fit. He also added how Nintendo created a false image of this product while hiding the potential risks, very much like the tobacco companies whom he directly compared the company to.

Well, we can’t say that we’re not detecting a note of bitterness here, as Wii Fit is probably stepping on his “fitness” toes, but we’re yet to see whether this is just a publicity stunt or Mr. Michael is really serious on putting the Wii Fit saga to an end.

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Last modified on 10 February 2009
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