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Fallout 3 download expansions delayed

by on09 February 2009


One month delay for both The Pitt & Broken Steel

After the successful launch of the first downloadable expansion to Fallout 3 that was titled Operation Anchorage, news has reached us that the additional content expansions titled The Pitt and Broken Steel will both be delayed by a month.

The Pitt was slated to released for download starting in February and it would be followed by the release of Broken Steel which was slated for release in March. Both The Pitt and Broken Steel will be delayed by a month with The Pitt arriving in March and Broken Steel to appear in April.

According to sources the Broken Steel expansion will give players the chance to get into the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel to put the smack down on the Enclave remnants of the Capital Wasteland for the final time. The remains of Pittsburgh will be the site for The Pitt expansion pack where players will be playing in the remains of this industrial raider town, so our sources tell us.

The reason for the delay is publically unknown, but some have suggested it is nothing more than the need for additional time to polish the content prior to release to give player the best experience possible. We would not read anything into this delay beyond this as of yet.

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