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Microsoft holding on Space Giraffe sequel?

by on17 December 2008


Gridrunner+++ has been ready for months now

Llamasoft has had the sequel for the popular Space Giraffe ready for some time now, and creator Jeff Minter has been waiting to hear back from Microsoft as to their plan to move forward.

The new title is called Gridrunner+++ and with Microsoft continuing to sit on the title it has no release date as of yet. However, Minter has suggested that he will continue to move forward with the development of the PC version of Gridrunner+++ soon.

Minter has recently also commented that he is a bit disappointed with the sales performance of Space Giraffe on Xbox Live Arcade. While initial signs were that Space Giraffe was gaining some traction and was going to be quite successful, apparently (according to Minter) the game fell into a bit of obscurity a few weeks after release despite some very positive reviews.

According to Minter much of the problem had to do with the poor set-up of the Xbox Live Arcade store which made it a bit difficult to navigate and shop for titles that were not directly promoted on the pages itself. With the new Xbox Live Experience, however, it would appear that the much of these problems have been solved and sales should increase on titles moving forward.

With Microsoft sitting on Gridrunner+++ for several months it remains to be seen what the company has in store for the release of this title.
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