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Xbox Live not to crash this holiday season

by on12 December 2008


Microsoft confident that they are ready

No Xbox Live user will ever forget all of the performance and problems with Xbox Live during the last holiday season. The performance of Xbox Live during that time period last year was so bad that many found it unusable, which led many to have to find distractions other than playing their new games on Xbox Live.

Microsoft was not able to fix the problems until early in January, but by that time most were off break or back to work. Microsoft is claiming this time around that they are ready and have built a massive infrastructure upgrade in order to be able to handle the traffic during the holiday season.

While Microsoft claims that they are confident that they don’t expect problems, they are also saying that they will have plenty of people on stand by to deal with a problem should one come up.

With all of the additional Xbox consoles that Microsoft is selling, it is important that they have a smooth holiday season. We predict that they know how much they were hurt by all of the problems last holiday season and they are going to do their best not to have a repeat performance. Our sources tell us that Microsoft is better prepared than ever before to handle the load and traffic.
Last modified on 12 December 2008
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