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Valve deals with Left 4 Dead hacks

by on12 December 2008


Drops a patch on the server side to halt them

Some people just can’t resist a chance to cheat the system; and as with the release of any new game, bugs and glitches often exist that some can use to their advantage to cheat their way to a better score. Valve is starting to deal with some of the hacks that people have been using in Left 4 Dead to make other players miserable with the deployment of a server side patch that addresses the issue.

According to reports Valve, like many, became aware of the widespread nature of the exploit hacks in Left 4 Dead by seeing video tutorials on how the hacks were used. The exploits did do a couple of different things, including giving the player unfair advantages in the game itself or beating players into submission by sending massive enemies to their location.

In addition to the just deployed server side patch, Valve also intends to offer a Left 4 Dead server option to allow the hosting of servers on the Internet or via local System Link multiplayer in the coming weeks. Valve also will continue to investigate exploits and potential hacks and deal with them aggressively as possible.

Last modified on 12 December 2008
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