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DSi sells 500K in just one month in Japan

by on03 December 2008


Xbox 360 sold 771,409 since launch


Well, regardless of some initial reports that DSi won't sell well due to the fact it won't work with numerous cartridges that run on DS and inferior battery life, the DSi still scored big time in Japan.

Nintendo's revamped portable console that now features a bigger screen, an integrated camera and an SD memory card slot, managed to sell exactly 535,379 units in November.

These figures are better put into perspective after considering that XboX 360 sold 771,409 since launch, which is really humiliating for Microsoft. Then again, nobody ever expected Microsoft's excursion into the Japanese console market, dominated by Sony and Nintendo, would be a walk in the part.

It seems that Microsoft just can’t figure out what makes the casual Japanese gamer tick, as its sales are really low in Japan, in spite of rather good results in the rest of the world.

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Last modified on 04 December 2008
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