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NXE update related to red ring of death?

by on24 November 2008


Some users seem to think this could be the case

We have had several sources telling us that they have experienced a red ring of death error condition on their Xbox 360 either after or during the New Xbox Experience update that Microsoft is pushing out.

It seems that some users are getting the dreaded red ring of death either before or after the NXE update was applied to their system. While the number of reports seems to be very small at the moment, those that have been affected are making a lot of noise about the problem.

From what we have seen so far, we have not personally experienced an Xbox 360 that went into the red ring of death mode during the update process. In fact, we checked with a number of our sources who have Xbox 360 consoles and all of them updated to the NXE without incident; and other than some of the glitchy freezing issues that have been well documented and in some cases have already seem to have disappeared, we don’t directly know of a single one that we can visually verify.

Other than bad luck or a variety of other strangeness that could have caused the console to find its way into the red ring of death mode, we have to suggest that it is nothing more than bad luck or bad timing of a Xbox related hardware failure and at this point we find it unlikely that it is being caused by the NXE update.

We will continue to track these reports and let you know if we can verify that a real problem exists, but for right now we just don’t think it is at all related to the update.

Last modified on 25 November 2008
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