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Warhammer Online patch 1.05 is out

by on21 November 2008


Class changes delayed to 1.06


A couple of days ago, Mythic Entertainment and GOA Europe made the new patch v1.05 available on all their Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning servers.

We recently wrote about this patch, which was supposed to bring important changes in class balance and even add two more classes into the game. It seems Mythic changed its mind in the last moment so all these changes will be featured in the next patch. The reason for this is incomplete testing of all the made changes, Mythic says.

The last patch includes a new event called “Heavy Metal”, which is the only novelty. Heavy Metal will last about 2 weeks and all the gamers will get a chance to unlock access to new in-game classes. In order to access the new character, you’ll have to log in every day and perform daily tasks for the following two weeks. More here.

Apart from the patch, Mythic also posted a new manual for conquering the world of Warhammer. There’s a full list of goals you’ll need to achieve in order to conquer your enemy and take over the capital, as well as some explanations on how to do it most effectively. More here.

Last modified on 22 November 2008
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