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Many Lancer replicas turn out to be defective

by on13 November 2008


Customers report


Although yours truly is still wondering why anyone would want them, Lancer replicas apparently sold in nice numbers. We’d say it’s because of the Gears of War copy that comes with it, but we can’t say anything for sure anymore. Unfortunately, customers are now reporting that their Lancers aren’t working.

Well, “working” doesn’t mean much in the first place, as these guns are just supposed to make “pew pew” sounds, but you’d expect a product worth $60 to manage at least that.

The problem turned out to be the battery connectors that were placed in reverse in some Lancers, which didn’t pose a problem for Asian batteries, but did for U.S. or E.U. versions. Well, we have to agree with our colleagues from Kotaku.com as we were unaware of any regional differences between batteries.

NECA, the manufacturer, offers a solution that’s actually a thin metal plate, which should get your beloved “pew pew” back in the Lancer.

You can read more here and find a link to the solution.

Last modified on 14 November 2008
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