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Far Cry 2 flies on high-end cards

by on29 October 2008


Unlike Crysis Warhead

We had a chance to try the latest greatest Far Cry 2 and this savannah shooter comes with Dunia engine, not Cry engine that was used for the original one. Most of you know that Crytek, the original developer of Far Cry, defected to EA and Ubisoft decided to create Far Cry 2 with its team in Montreal, using a different engine called Dunia.

We can point to a few things. The game looks quite good and you can shoot some people unless you get bored to death by your driver and answering phones and looking at the GPS map all the time.

You need to learn a lot of things to play this game, which is boring and annoying as, for God's sake, this is only a game and not a seminar.

The engine looks great and on Geforce GTX 280 or Radeon HD 4870 X2 we are talking about very playable frame rates on 1920x1200 or higher resolutions. Crysis Warhead looked even better, but at the same time we were happy to play it at 1280x1024 with 2X AA, while Far Cry 2 works like a chart at much higher settings and resolutions.

We just hope that Call of Duty 5 will also run great on high-end cards; and bear in mind that cards such as Geforce 9800 GTX or + and Radeon HD 4870 or 50 should run Far Cry 2 just fine.

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