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Spring of 09 launch for Xbox Live Primetime

by on27 October 2008


Unexpected delay surely to disappoint some

The Microsoft virtual game show technology that they have been talking about and that they have been calling Xbox Live Primetime has been pushed until Spring of 2009.

As with most things that involve Microsoft, there is some patch involved, and this time for Xbox 360 owners it is the upcoming deployment of the new menu and interface technology that Microsoft called the “Xbox Live Experience.” Microsoft claims that they need to have a “glitch-free” deployment of the new technology, so they will wait until the “Xbox Live Experience” is rolled out first.

Microsoft’s announcement about the virtual game show technology that they are calling “Primetime” was first discussed at E3, and since then we have not been told much more about it other than the fact that the company has been working on it.

The Primetime technology from Microsoft was said to allow users the unique ability to play against each other for real world prizes. The delay of the deployment of the “Primetime” technology will surely disappoint many users who were eagerly awaiting the new technology.

Last modified on 28 October 2008
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