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Electronic Arts looks to online games in Asia

by on15 October 2008


Youth in Asia good idea for EA

Electronic Arts,
which has not been doing very well in Asia, is looking to online games to boost its presence.

EA’s Regional President for Asia, Jon Niermann, said that while EA's main business in the West comes from packaged games software for consoles and personal computers, online games are more popular in Asia.

He said that EA will increase its market share in Asia by launching more online games, with 12 editions of different games expected to roll out this year. These include "FIFA," ''NBA Street," ''Warhammer Online" and "Battlefield Heroes". The online version of "Need for Speed" will launch next year. So far, Asia revenues only account for only about 6 percent of EA's total revenue. Niermann said it was nowhere where it needs to be.

Each game will be launched with local partners. "FIFA" with The9,  which operates "World of Warcraft" and "NBA Street" with game operators Tencent. EA is looking to developing games in Asia just for the Asian market.
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