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Far Cry 2 is DirectX 10.1

by on17 October 2008


A new driver to support it

Our sources have just confirmed that Far Cry 2 will be a DirectX 10.1 game. We know that Nvidia has its eye on this game and that it likes it as much as it liked the original Crysis back in October 2007, but they couldn't convince the developer to add the DirectX 10.1 support.

ATI will shortly release a hotfix driver that should boost the performance of this game on Radeon HD 4870 X2 significantly, and our sources are confident that this driver should be enough to beat Geforce GTX 280 in this game.

The game should launch on Tuesday in North America and on Friday in Europe, although some of the press already got their hands on this savannah shooter. DirectX 10.1 support in such a significant title is a great victory for ATI and we wonder if this implementation will give ATI some additional performance over Nvidia’s DirectX 10 supporting the GT200 family.

Last modified on 18 October 2008
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