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Blizzard "can't refund money" for unsuccessful downloads

by on14 October 2008


Two unsuccessful downloads, that is


Well, this is corporate customer negligence at its best, and clearly paints a picture of how important you are in comparison to the quirky download service – no sir, you can’t be right, you know, computers don’t make mistakes. A user named Zack purchased Diablo II online, but his download wouldn’t go through for some reason, and is listed as "failed."

After a call to Blizzard’s customer service, he was instructed to do the process all over again and not to worry, since he won’t be charged for a failed download. So, he makes a new account, that you have to do for some reason, and does the process all over again. Different account same thing – failed.

After another call to the same service, he is instructed to just go and buy a hardcopy of the game and he is lulled into thinking he won’t be charged. Well, two weeks later he finds out he paid for both downloads and the hardcopy, but the only thing he has to show for it is the hard-copy and a couple of gray hairs, maybe.

The punch line to this is that customer support told him his expenses can’t be refunded, as the keys for the purchase have already been issued, and that he should wait for this “functionality to be available.” Yeah, you might even try some more unsuccessful downloads with successful ka-chings from your pocket – you might even get to win at this game.

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Last modified on 15 October 2008
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