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Sony to give North America updates

by on14 October 2008


PS3 and PSP enhancements coming in October

Sony has announced that it will be releasing major system software updates for both the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation 3 for the North American market later this month. The system software updates will focus on some new enhancements for each platform that will add new features as well as address a couple of pending issues.

The PlayStation 3 version 2.50 firmware update will add some additional features for the Sony developed Bluetooth headset that will add on-screen indicators to show battery charge level, volume levels, and mute status. In addition, the Sony headset will also get a new codec that supports a higher level of voice quality.

A couple of the other new features that will be a part of the 2.50 release for the PS3 include a new screenshot capture tool for enabled titles, enhancements to the trophy system, video scene search function enhancements, and power save option to allow PS3 consoles to be powered down automatically after a specific period of inactivity.

As for the PlayStation Portable, the update will be version 5.00 and it will offer a variety of new features, including new on-screen QWERTY keyboard support for the Web browser, programmable sleep timer, and video-out enhancements that will allow classic PlayStation titles to be played at full-screen size on televisions and monitors.

The 5.00 update will also add support for users to connect to the PlayStation Store directly to purchase and download content without having to do transfers using a PlayStation 3 or a PC. This supports Sony’s recent strategy of starting to offer downloadable PSP titles in its PlayStation Store.

Sony needs to add some new features many feel necessary to compete with the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Live dashboard update that is scheduled for mid-November. The slate of enhancements do not appear on the surface to be much more than convenience features that will soon be forgotten by owners; and it seems that they don’t pack the punch of the major enhancements coming to the Xbox 360.
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