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New Tony Hawk game to include skateboard

by on16 October 2008


New way to interact with the environment

With the last Tony Hawk game that was released for multiple consoles to less than stellar reception by gamers, Activision went back to the drawing board and took a year off from releasing a Tony Hawk skateboarding title.

In the meantime, the skateboarding void has been filled by the title, Skate, from Electronic Arts, which introduced a variety of new innovations that led to flat sales for the best known skateboarding title of all time. Electronic Arts is now getting ready to head to market with the sequel to the first Skate title, with Skate 2, expected to ship in early 2009.

The extra year of development time has been well spent, according to our underground talkers that are telling us that the next Tony Hawk game will feature an interactive skateboard type peripheral device that you will plug into your console that will let you replicate foot positions and moves that you can do on the screen with none of the normal risk that real world skateboarding involves.

With the big success stories of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Wii Fit, for example, the interactive peripheral market has enjoyed a big resurgence; as gamers are looking for new ways to interact with games that go beyond the standard controller. While in the past games that have required or used additional peripherals have enjoyed mixed success due mostly in part to the higher price tag, gamers seem to have latched onto these devices as a new must-have. A skateboard peripheral could be wildly successful if the next edition of the Tony Hawk game is equally as good.
Last modified on 16 October 2008
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