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A couple of Duke Nukem Forever sceens emerge

by on30 September 2008
The result of 4,000 days of development


Duke Nukem Forever, the longest running joke in the industry, is back on our radar thanks to a couple of rather unspectacular screenshots.

Come to think of it, some of our younger readers might not even remember what the original game looked like in the first place. Anyhow, 3D characters of any kind should be considered state of the art in the world of Duke Nukem.


The Duke, (in no way related to John Wayne, apart from the fact that he hates other races and shoots people on sight for no apparent reason, sub.ed.), could do with a few hundred polygons more, especially on his shoulders. The textures on the shoulder also look pathetic, and the hairline on the facial texture looks a bit off. Unwrap UVW anyone?

The barely legal ladies in the back look much better, as they were probably modeled and textured with more love. The lighting effects are a nice touch, emphasizing the curves on one of the dancers.


Here's The Duke in action of another kind, changing the clip on his engraved, gold plated redneck automatic with a laser sight. The flying heads look nice, especially the tentacles. Love the tentacle!

As for when the game is actually coming out, well, give the guys a break, they've only been working on it for a decade. When it's done, it's done, no rush really, it's just a game.

Last modified on 01 October 2008
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