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Duke Nukem Forever exclusive to Xbox 360?

by on03 October 2008


Yeah, when it’s done!


“Yeah, right” are the words that spring to everyone’s mind when reading any title related to Duke Nukem and its long-awaited launch. Furthermore, I think that the words “when it’s done” are among the most hated words in the industry, and rightly so. However, xboxevolved.e-mpire.com has quoted their source, that’s allegedly close to Microsoft, saying that the game will launch exclusively for XboX360, and will thus probably be published by Microsoft. (Huh? sub.ed.)

They also claim that it’s quite likely that we will see the launch in the following year, but the skepticism that surrounds this game’s launch is simply impenetrable to any claims due to so many unfulfilled promises, screens, and even some trailers released this past decade. So, we’re not hesitant to believe any claim by anyone that this game will launch ever - we’re straight up refusing to believe until the time “when it’s done,” launched and in our hands.

The site claims that Duke is developed on the UT3 engine, the same one that Gears of War 1 and 2 use, which would support their claim that the game is XboX360 exclusive. Furthermore, the screens from this game are thus not PC screenshots, but rather XboX360 ones.

Some might remember that trash metal legends Megadeth were in charge of the soundtrack, and we must say that it sounded great; so if the game does launch, we’re wondering whether 3DRealms will keep it.

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Last modified on 04 October 2008
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