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Xbox 360 Jasper chipset showing up

by on01 October 2008


Good sales have it showing ahead of schedule

It seems the Jasper chipset time has finally started to arrive in force for the Xbox 360. The Jasper chipset is a 65nm revision for the Xbox 360 that has been expected for some time.

The move to 65nm should help Microsoft do a couple of things that have been necessary for some time: reduce the power consumption and heat output of the Xbox 360, which in turn should lead to much better reliability. According to reports, Microsoft has been testing the Jasper chipset for a considerable time prior to release.

Of course, with the recent price reductions, hopefully Microsoft yields will be better and this will help them on the money end of things, as well. With the recent price reductions, the ability to move to 65nm should increase the yields of chips per wafer which should help Microsoft be able to stay very competitive without losing money at the US$199 price point, which is expected to be very popular this holiday season.

We are still hearing reports from a variety of our sources that all of the recent success of the Xbox 360 has not gone unnoticed by Sony, and we keep hearing that if sales don’t pick up for Sony prior to November 1st, they will drop the price of the PS3 $50, as well, to try to stay in the game this holiday season. Still we have other insiders who are saying that this price drop just isn’t going to happen. We will have to just wait and see, as we have said all along it will be an all-out console war for your money this holiday season.

Last modified on 01 October 2008
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