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Plug pulled on C&C Tiberium

by on01 October 2008


EA says quality is the reason why

Many C&C fans have been awaiting the release of the Command & Conquer FPS project called Tiberium. Word reached us late today that EA has pulled the plug on the Tiberium FPS set in the Command & Conquer universe, citing ongoing quality issues as the reason.

The termination of the development of the project was not in line with EA’s quality standards, and there were ongoing problems with the fundamental design of the game. Our sources also suggest that the development team was struggling trying to get a handle on the issues and they just could not correct the design flaws in the title in a way that would produce a quality end product in line with EA’s high quality standards.

According to various reports and sources, EA is also examining the future of Command & Conquer 3, as well as the Medal of Honor brand, as it said these are areas where quality needed to be addressed. Rumors suggest that a plan was put into place to work on these quality issues, but the strategy to deal with these issues was not working in the case of Tiberium; hence, EA elected to jettison the project.

Tiberium had already been delayed till 2010, and pushing the title out farther was not an option for the publisher, as a lot of development dollars had already been spent. It was just best for all involved for the publisher to cut bait and move on. EA has not released any details as to the amount of money that had already been spent on the development of Tiberium, but our moles are saying that the number was significant.

While many users might be disappointed, the disappointment over a canceled title is likely better than EA releasing a title that just doesn’t live up to the quality standards that studio had set for the title. At least EA is making an official announcement, saying that they are killing the project; which is much better than just leaving users in limbo while they try to figure out whether they can salvage something out of it.

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