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Max Payne never played Max Payne?

by on22 September 2008


Or should we say Mark Wahlberg never did


Mark Wahlberg, the actor playing Max Payne in this game's upcoming big-screen excursion, confirmed that he never played Max Payne.

The actor apparently admitted in Maxim magazine that he has an addictive personality and that he can't be playing a game for 14 hours, as he doesn't want to slack off in other areas of life such as parenting and work. So, instead, he let his assistant take care of it but he did say that the story is really elaborate and how hardcore gamers will really like the movie. (So? Sean Connery was never an MI6 operative, but he was one heck of a spy on the silver screen, ah my dear Moneypenny... sub.ed.)

We, on the other hand, couldn’t help but wonder if the artist formerly known as Marky Mark sang a couple of lines over that excellent and incredibly haunting soundtrack. Still, as unreal as it might seem, yours truly thinks Tod Sweeney would have nothing on Max Payneey. Nothing? Yeah, compare Tod Sweeney fans to the mob of angry gamer fans and you’ll see what I mean.

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Last modified on 23 September 2008
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