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Xbox 360 has now sold 6 million in Europe

by on23 September 2008


Europeans seem to like the price cuts

The reaction to the Xbox 360 price cuts in Europe seem to be very positive, as Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 has passed six million units sold in the region and it is on its way to 10 million in this region.

To help push the sales in Europe this holiday season and cash in on the momentum, Microsoft is planning a targeted effort in Europe with ads that will highlight upcoming titles such as Scene It?, You’re In The Movies, Fable II, Gears of War 2, and Lips. Some specialized advertising is also being developed to highlight the new upcoming dashboard, which is thought to be quite appealing to the European audience.

First sales are up in the U.S., followed by an unexpected sales boost in Japan. Microsoft has to be pleased with the reception of the price cuts and the fact that sales are up. The good news is that Microsoft has a good lineup of titles going into the holiday season, and we still think that Microsoft has a leg up on Sony and Nintendo for this holiday season.

Last modified on 23 September 2008
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