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GameStop will have Wii for holidays

by on22 September 2008


Confident that it can meet US demand

Despite all
of the rumors that Nintendo is sending more Wii units outside of the U.S. because of the weak dollar in the U.S., retailer GameStop seems to be confident that it will be able to meet demand for the Wii console this holiday season.

GameStop stopped short of saying that it would have an in-stock supply of Wii consoles every day during the holiday season, but it says that they are encouraged with the supply of Wii consoles that they are getting from Nintendo, as they have boosted the number of units that they are getting.

The end result is that GameStop expects that unlike the last two years those looking for a Wii have a much better chance of not going away empty handed this holiday season. Also to factor into this is the fact that the drop of the Xbox 360 Arcade to $199 may make more of a dent into the sales of the Wii console than first expected.

GameStop has reportedly seen, as many retailers have, an increase in sales of the Xbox 360 due to the price drop; and that alone may be enough of a catalyst for sales of the Wii to be able to meet the demand from consumers this holiday season.
Last modified on 22 September 2008
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