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GTA IV sales slowing down

by on12 September 2008


Take-Two/EA Merger complicating matters?


A recent report showed that GTA IV sales have slowed down significantly, which is not a big deal in itself, but in the context of Take-Two and EA merging, things get interesting.

Take Two argued that EA’s offer of $2 billion USD heavily undervalues the company, as GTA IV made an impressive $500 million in just the first week.

Electronic Arts made a bid at $25.74 per share back in April, but the bid expired as shareholder interests subsided. However, recent developments have seen GTA sales drop significantly, which might affect the company and, in turn, the merger.

Thus far, GTA has sold 8.5 million copies, and although sales are down, a Take Two spokeswoman said  they still expect GTA IV sales to continue at “an energetic pace."

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Last modified on 13 September 2008
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