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GTA inspires a child to heroism

by on05 September 2008




We've already written about this incredibly annoying trend where parents and the general public blame games for their children’s shortcomings, but this time we get to hear another side of the story. While driving to Illinois to visit their relatives, the Norris family had a serious accident involving several flips of the car. And guess who showed true heroism – their 11 year old daughter that was inspired by GTA! (All GTA releases following GTA2 are rated M in the U.S. How come an 11 year old kid was playing it in the first place? sub.ed.)

Apparently their daughter Audrey, while playing GTA, saw that a car that flips several times may explode, so she took some action to prevent such a scenario. She climbed out the back window and then helped her parents and younger siblings to safety.

So folks, there you have it! Although I’m not happy about what happened to this family, I’m extremely happy that GTA finally got some positive press. This paints a totally different picture of this game as an actually educational and life-saving piece of software. (Sure it does, sub.ed.)

But the girl that was playing GTA – wasn’t she supposed to go out beat up a cab driver, steal the car and money and drive off into the sunset? No madam, your son is just violent and badly raised and would’ve done that sooner or later – with or without GTA. As for Audrey, we salute her bravery and wish her luck in defeating the gangs in San Andreas. And on that note – All Hail GTA!

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Last modified on 05 September 2008
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