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Xbox 360 gets another price cut

by on01 September 2008


This time in Japan

Microsoft Japan has announced that it'll be cutting the price of the Xbox 360, both the arcade and 60GB versions are part of the price cut and for the first time ever, the arcade will be cheaper than the Nintendo Wii.

The price drop will happen on the 11th of September and the arcade will be dropped from ¥27,800 (€176) to ¥19,800 (€125.50). The 60GB version will be introduced at ¥29,800 (€189) which is cheaper than what the 20GB version was selling for. The Wii is selling for around ¥25,000 (€158) in Japan.

This announcement comes less than a week ahead of the expected US price drop of the Xbox 360, although the arcade is expected to cost $199 (€136) while the 60GB model should come in at $299 (€204) which makes Japan the cheapest country to get an Xbox 360 in. Mind you, due to the region coding, it's not as if there will be a huge grey import market for Japanese consoles, so sadly the rest of us are stuck with the current (higher) pricing for now, until Microsoft follows suite in the rest of the world.

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